Truenext is invite-only but open to everybody who shares our mission or cares to provide constructive criticism. Not limited to, but yet best way for us to verify this is be sending along some information about a project / work when requesting an invite here.


(in arbitrary order)

Maker of Voxel Quest

Leonard Ritter
Maker of Nowhere

Doug Binks
Maker of Avoyd

Jon Olick

Alex Evans
Media Molecule

Timothy Lottes
Currently at AMD - Blog

Chris Birkhold 
Former Technical Director - Natural Motion San Francisco

Chris Birke

Branislav Siles 
Maker of the Atomontage Engine

Alan Wolfe
Programmer at Blizzard

Nicholas Gildea
Voxel engine developer

James A. McCombe
Co-Founder & CTO of Caustic Graphics

Raigan burns
Independent Game Developer - Metanetsoftware

Jason Fowler
Independent Game Designer

Florian Hoenig
Making Unbound

Massimo Tristano
Graphics Programmer @ The Creative Assembly

Florian Bosch
Graphics Developer - Codeflow

Bart van der Werf
Creator of Starbound, Staxel

Aaron Dwyer
Graphics Engineer

Eskil Steenberg
Maker of LOVE

Isaac Cohen

Luke Iannini

Inigo Quilezles

Denis Kovacs

James Austin

Johann 'cupe' Korndörfer

Philip Rosedale
Founder Second Life &

Gino Van der Bergen

Rémi Arnaud

Michael Saenger & Unbound

Glenn Dickins Audio Guy
Architect of Convergence, Dolby