Truenext provides a forum for forward thinking individuals to be understood. We host think-tank style discussions and gatherings, furthering and promoting work that starts were traditional simulation and rendering technologies end. We cover all aspects from better design philosophies down to the metal of current and future hardware platforms.

High-level topics include:


  • Aesthetic values beyond “stylized” shading of triangle meshes
  • Values and issues with regards to 4K+ resolutions 
  • The value of animation richness (time vs space fidelity) 
  • Why does one really dream of real-time ray tracing? 
  • What's to be learned from the variety of Shadertoy / glslsandbox entries? 

Shapeable Worlds

  • When "destructible geometry" becomes content creation 
  • Does "modding" need to be hard to be rewarding? 
  • Near-zero iteration time for all things. 
  • Value of live coding and creative flow for all content.
  • Content creation in VR with the absence of traditional 2D UI based tools

Dynamic Worlds

  • Going beyond rigid body dynamics 
  • I want atoms instead of complex objects with transforms! 
  • When simulation and rendering come closer together.
  • New techniques for animation.
  • Exploring in-world mechanical crafting / engineering

Deep Worlds

  • The values of randomness.  
  • Real vs. virtual nature. Do we enjoy hiking in a triangle soup? 
  • Potential shortcomings of artist-made nature scenes. 
  • The value of scale, relative scale and infinite worlds. 
  • Procedural recombination and placement of user made objects.
  • Emergent intelligence. Richer interactions with synthetic agents.
  • Synthesized sound effects instead of playing back pre-recorded. 

Connected Worlds

  • Scalable content creation through easier collaboration
  • Promoting higher levels of expressiveness in games / VR.
  • Educational values of shared content creation / programming.
  • Furthering networking for shared realities.

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